commercial garage door services
We Offer Commercial Garage Door Repair, Installation, Parts, Maintenance Service and More

The purpose and usefulness of a commercial garage door can reach far beyond workspaces, loading docks, farms, and maintenance garages. At Overhead Garage Door LLC, we provide a wide range of garage doors and garage door services that will accommodate nearly any industry. If you’re searching for a garage door for a commercial workspace, or want to add fresh air or a new aesthetic element to your restaurant, club, studio, farmhouse, or storefront, Overhead Garage Door LLC is Texas’ premier garage door specialist. Whether it is a new commercial garage door installation, the need to upgrade from the wear and tear from years of use of an older model, or you’re simply tired of fighting with a garage door that seems to have a mind of its own, Overhead Garage Door has got you covered. We’ve got all the industry expertise for any garage door repair. We will also help you choose a brand new garage door that will fit all your commercial needs, and install it with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. By choosing from our wide range of garage door products and services, we ensure you won’t have to lift more than a finger to get that perfect garage door that looks great, runs smoothly, and helps your business succeed.

Our complete range of garage door related services includes, but is not limited to:

  • General garage door repair and maintenance
  • Electronic garage door services
  • Residential garage door installation
  • Commercial garage door installation
  • Custom garage door installation
  • General garage door repair
  • Emergency garage door repair
  • Garage door replacement parts and services

Got a custom garage door project or problem? When you call Overhead Garage Door LLC, you’re going to speak with a garage door expert who can field all your questions and concerns, and we’ve never met a project that we couldn’t complete. The quote you receive from Overhead Garage Door is the only price you’ll pay, and we never tack on any hidden fees or add-on costs mid-job, just because things get tough or complicated.

We offer competitive rates and are fully licensed and insured. All our technicians are direct employees of Overhead Garage Door LLC, not subcontractors. Our technicians are constantly learning and receiving training to enable them to service the newest technologies in the most effective ways. When an Overhead technician arrives to complete your repair work, you’ll find our uniformed technicians are prompt, friendly, and efficient.

We have the knowhow to work on any garage door manufacturer, brand, or model. With our vast inventory of parts, we’re likely to have the pieces we need to repair your job right away; and if we don’t have the right part, we’ll find it. We pride ourselves on providing same-day service to many of our satisfied customers. Need us to come by at odd hours of the night or evening? We’ll work with your schedule, and our emergency service is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our garage door installation or renovation options don’t just end at the manufacturer’s inventory guide. Have a project that needs true ingenuity and true customization? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve never met a custom commercial or residential garage door job that’s been too big or complex for our cutting edge technicians.

Find out about repairing or installing a new garage door today and call Overhead Garage Door LLC for a free consultation.