Spring garage door repair
Garage Door Repair & Service in Spring, TX

Sitting 25 miles north of Houston is the community of Spring, TX, which is home for the well-known and historic town of Old Town Spring. The community of Spring is well established and has a strong history. Due to the area being historic, residents and business owners strive to keep the community fresh and looking new, while preserving its historic value. Many renovations and updates are being done throughout the Spring community. Houston Overhead Garage Door, LLC provides Spring, TX with garage doors and overhead doors for all types of renovations. Garage doors are used for many purposes: storage, farms, workspace, shelter, entertainment, aesthetic and a number of uses for homes, barns, warehouses, restaurants, shops and various other businesses that call Spring, TX their home.

Houston Overhead Garage Door, LLC has expert technicians who are skilled and have the experience to tackle any garage door repair or installation project. We are a family owned business, founded by Texans from Fort Worth who believe in hard work, quality craftsmanship, and consistently providing excellent customer service and support. Contact our experts today for all of your Houston garage door repair service needs throughout Spring, TX.

Garage door services we provide the Spring community: